Bob Nalbandian

Bob Nalbandian started in the music business at age 17 as the publisher/editor in chief of the seminal heavy metal fanzine The Headbanger in April of 1982, a nationally distributed zine which featured the very first profiles of then-unsigned LA bands Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth & Armored Saint.

After Disbanding The Headbanger in 1985 Nalbandian managed the Orange County, CA metal band EDEN, signing the band in 1984 to a worldwide deal with Enigma/Restless Records. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s Nalbandian was also a contributing editor to several well-known music mags including; Metal Rendezvous, Creem, Music Connection, Hit Parader, BAM, Foundations as well as publisher/editor of Shockwaves Magazine and associate editor for Men’s Magazines Platinum & Men’s Perspective.

In the early ‘90s, Nalbandian landed guitarist Marty Friedman in the multi-platinum group Megadeth and soon after he headed the west coast office of Roadrunner Records working closely with the labels cutting-edge artists at the time, including Sepultura, Type-O Negative and Last Crack. After a year long stint at Roadrunner, Nalbandian went on to work for Bizarre/Straight Records (Rhino/WEA) assisting label president Herb Cohen. Throughout the ’90 Bob Nalbandian also acquired license deals with major international companies such as: Century Media (US & Europe), Roadrunner Japan, Cherry Red/Hear No Evil/Universal Music (UK & Europe), JVC/Victor (Japan), Music For Nations (UK), Bandai/Apollon (Japan), Polystar (Japan), and High Vaultage/Metal 4 Muthas (Germany).

Currently Bob Nalbandian is the founder and host of two major Metal Podcasts: The Shockwaves Skullsessions Podcast ( and the Shockwaves/HardRadio Podcast ( and has recently directed and co-produced the INSIDE METAL Documentary Series (MetalRock Films) and BAND VS BRAND documentary (Cleopatra Entertainment). These feature length documentary films are available on DVD as well as major movie streaming outlets.

Bob Nalbandian also is a US Consultant to Korea’s Pentaport Festival.