Hosts Bob Nalbandian and Matt Hartnett recording an episode of Skull Sessions.

About Us

The Shockwaves Skullsessions Podcast is the brainchild of rock/metal journalist and documentary film director Bob Nalbandian. The podcast was created in late 2007 spawning from an episode Nalbandian hosted on his podcast, The Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast on

The episode was titled “The Great JUDAS PRIEST Debate!” and was one of the very first heavy metal podcasts to feature a discussion-style audio show featuring two or more guests that included popular musicians and/or music executives. This episode featured then head of Roadrunner Records A&R Monte Conner (now VP at Nuclear Blast) as well as renowned rock music author/journalist Martin Popoff. Along with Nalbandian, the three debated, argued and bickered over the entire Judas Priest catalog. Monte Conner enjoyed that episode so much that he persuaded Nalbandian to do this “discussion-style podcast” as a regular monthly series. Conner arranged for the podcast to be hosted on the Roadrunner Records website, one of the leading world-wide heavy metal websites at the time (they also hosted which still remains to be the #1 Internet source for metal news).

The Shockwaves Skullsessions podcast has featured some of the most notable musicians in metal music, including drummer Bill Ward (Black Sabbath), bassist Bob Daisley (Ozzy, Rainbow, Sabbath, Uriah Heep), guitarist Marty Friedman, bassist David Ellefson (Megadeth),  drummer Gene Hoglan (Testament), etc.

The podcast has also hosted some of metal music’s industry kingpins from Monte Conner (who became a regular on the show), author Martin Popoff, Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel, as well as UK authors/journalists Malcolm Dome, Mick Wall, and Joel McIver.

The podcast was heralded as one of the most original and informative metal podcasts of the time. After 3 years of gaining a solid fanbase and becoming one of the top metal podcasts on the globe, in 2010 Nalbandian laid it to rest as he became involved in directing and producing the highly acclaimed INSIDE METAL documentary series which occupied the majority of his time.

After 9 years of being bombarded with emails from fans questioning if a new Shockwaves Skullsessions podcast would ever see the light of day, Bob contemplated the idea of revamping the podcast. After re-locating to the SF Bay Area to work on his next documentary, THE BAY AREA GODFATHERS, Nalbandian hooked up with long-time listener and former hardcore/metal record label owner Matt Hartnett (No Joke Records (LA)) who persuaded Nalbandian to revive the legendary podcast. Hartnett offered to produce and co-host as well as to put together the Shockwaves Skullsessions Studios to allow for in-studio appearances from special guests.

In March 2018, the podcast was officially re-introduced to the metal world, and continues to serve as one of the most informative and entertaining heavy metal podcasts across the globe. 

Nalbandian and Hartnett weren’t finished just yet. Since both are huge followers and fans of underground hard rock and metal, it only made sense that they would start a radio station to go along with the podcast. In July 2019, Shockwaves Radio was born with the intention to give a musical and oral platform to both new and seasoned underground and under appreciated hard rock and metal artists.
Stay tuned for new shows and guests DJ’s as Shockwaves Radio takes aim at being the home of underground metal for the foreseeable future.