35. Parris Mayhew (Cro-Mags): Part 1

Listen to “Episode#35-Parris Mayhew (Cro-Mags) pt.1” on Spreaker.

Co-hosts Bob Nalbandian & Matt Hartnett talk it up with original Cro-Mags guitarist and legendary New York hardcore and crossover/thrash innovator Parris Mayhew for this 2-part special podcast. Mayhew talks about his childhood and musical upbringing while also discussing his foray into the heavy rock scene going to some of the most notorious NYC clubs in the early 80’s. He also goes into detail about his earliest song-writing contributions to the genre-defining NYHC classic THE AGE OF QUARREL, in-depth discussion about the great Peter Steele as well as the relationship struggles with his ex-bandmates.

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