19. Pre-Internet Challenges For Metal Bands In Middle America

Listen to “Episode#19- Pre-Internet Challenges For Metal Bands In Middle America” on Spreaker.

Host: Matt Hartnett
Guests: Chris Akin- The Classic Metal Show
Joshua Toomey- Talk Toomey Podcast

Chris Akin (The Classic Metal Show) & Joshua Toomey (Talk Toomey Podcast) join Matt to give their professional opinions on the pros, cons and challenges that came with being in a hard rock and metal band residing outside of the coastal confines of NY and LA prior to the rise of streaming and the internet. Toomey discusses his personal experiences as a touring musician with his former outfits Primer 55 & 12v Negative Earth while Chris talks about his interactions and dealings with metal artists as a radio figure in the midwestern part of the US during the 90’s.

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